Lachy’s multicultural photostory.

Hi all, The “photostory” instructions provided were very easy to understand and after downloading the program it was very easy to select appropriate pictures, record some narration and select background music and merge them all together to create an engaging presentation which I did with Lachy (thanks Lachy). Lachy is 12 and studying multiculturalism at school so it was his idea to join with with me to create his story about multiculturalism. I think we made a terrific start to a great story and Lachy is looking forward to showing this at school. I am happy to display it on my blog as an example of what students can do in the classroom. Lachy is looking forward to putting some more pictures into this presentation, or starting another presentation. But for now this is….Lachy’s multicultural photostory. Well done Lachy and me!

–> Lachy’s photostory about multicultural Australia <–

2 thoughts on “Lachy’s multicultural photostory.

  1. Hi Stacey,

    This was awesome! Using photostory for things like this in the classroom is such a good idea and I think students would really enjoy it!

    The fact that he wanted to keep making it after you had started shows that he was excited and engaged and that’s exactly what you want in a classroom!

    This just shows that sometimes creativity in the classroom is so important and this seems like so much more fun than a boring powerpoint (sorry powerpoint)

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