Picasa 3

Downloading Picasa3 was easy and once downloaded it is very easy to manipulate photos. Cropping, overlaying, altering colours, putting photos on photos, using borders etc. Once again Lachy (12 years old) was keen to have a go with this and used a picture that was taken of him at his school house theme day (where he dressed in red for his house colours). It did not take Lachy long to completely change a basic picture of himself to look really nifty. This picture took Lachy only about 5 minutes. He clicked on collage, and then options presented to him that enabled him to come up with these good effects which included shading of colour, overlaying of photo and basketball team and number. Lachie is keen to have a go at making a special picture out of his footy team (which he is hoping wins the Under 13 grand final on Saturday)-I suggested he do a whole report on it…I wonder what he will come up with. But for now here is Lachy’s picture……..

Wordle-creative use of words (thanks Ricki Leicester and Kristytan)

Wordle is available on website http://www.wordle.net/create that enables you within a couple of minutes to generate a “word clouds” from text that you provide. The clouds give artistic highlights to words that appear more frequently in the source text. You can alter your clouds with different fonts, layouts, and color schemes. The images you create with Wordle are yours to use however you like. You can print them out, or save them to the Wordle gallery to share with your friends. (The above words were what I typed in to come up with the following pictorial representation-think of how useful it could be for students assignments, book report covers, studying particular types of words etc-would get the arty students motivated to study words!)
Wordle: Wordle

Your Evaluation of My Blog.

Using the website surveymonkey.com I have easily set up a survey through following easy to follow prompts.

 8 of you have completed my survey through clicking on the link that I added to a widget in the left hand top corner of my blog (thanks heaps guys). To get my results I just had to go back into surveymonkey.com (using my user name and password set up initially). Click on the survey, then click on “Analyse Results” and this was what you all said:

How easy is it to navigate my blog? Extremely easy – 62.5% Very Easy – 37.5%    
How clear is the information on my blog? Extremely clear – 62.5% Very Clear – 25%, Moderately clear – 12.5%


How visually appealing is my blog? Extremely appealing – 37.5% Very appealing – 25%


Moderately appealing – 25% Slightly appealing – 12.5%
Overall, how satisfied are you with my blog? Extremely satisfied – 50%, Moderately Satisfied – 50%




Suggestions to improve my blog:

  1. Whilst the header is colourful the picture is rather fuzzy. I think you’ve stretched it too much. Maybe you could also add some more widgets on the side too.
  2. Your blog posts are always interesting and helpful, I always learn something when I go to your blog.
  3. Just a little too much text on the side that I had to double check for the survey! otherwise – LOVE it! 🙂
  4. Perhaps more images – Then again I am a visual learner – So for those visual learners, having more than just text would be good. Overall great blog!
  5. I believe that if you work on my Blog you’ll further develop your skills 🙂
  6. Some more colour I think would make it look more appealing.

What have I done with your results?

After reading the results I have:

  • changed the picture in the header to one that fitted better (hope you like it!)
  • added a few more widgets (have yet to learn how to put pictures in them but would like to do that soon)
  • tried to include more pictures in my blog posts
  • tried to add a little more colour where I can

 Now I have set up a new survey attached to my blog so that I can compare results to see if my changes have made a difference to satisfaction with my blog.


Lachy’s multicultural photostory.

Hi all, The “photostory” instructions provided were very easy to understand and after downloading the program it was very easy to select appropriate pictures, record some narration and select background music and merge them all together to create an engaging presentation which I did with Lachy (thanks Lachy). Lachy is 12 and studying multiculturalism at school so it was his idea to join with with me to create his story about multiculturalism. I think we made a terrific start to a great story and Lachy is looking forward to showing this at school. I am happy to display it on my blog as an example of what students can do in the classroom. Lachy is looking forward to putting some more pictures into this presentation, or starting another presentation. But for now this is….Lachy’s multicultural photostory. Well done Lachy and me!

–> Lachy’s photostory about multicultural Australia <–

Audacity-allowing us to mix/match and alter music, voice and sounds

Well I have followed all the instructions and have found that audacity is a really easy audio tool to use. I downloaded the two required files, pressed record (little red button) spoke and there was my voice recorded. No technical complications! Then I inserted a little music track that I already had loaded on the computer, had a little play. It is amazing how easy it is to copy/paste music to move the timing etc to coordinate it with the prerecorded voice. Also fading in and out with just a few mouse drags or clicking on a fade key is really easy. I did a quick little mix as an intro to my blog just to see if I could get it to work and it was easy to record, manipulate, check and save. But when I went to insert it in my blog it has come up with the error : ““Welcome to stacey\’s blog-25usp5d.aup” has failed to upload due to an error.Sorry, this file type is not permitted for security reasons”. Then discovered I had inserted the wrong file as I had also saved it as an MP3. Which inserted easily.
I am amazed how easy it is to manipulate, mix and record music and sounds. I can see a lot of potential in the classroom for reading books and poetry and then selecting appropriate back ground music to enable replaying/listening much more effective and interesting. Practicing for school concerts never got so easy, enabling children to pick appropriate back ground music. Lessons can be prerecorded with music making them sounds so much more interesting. The list goes on. I can’t wait to get more time to use it properly. I definately will use this in the classroom.

Resources Page

Hi all, so many fellow students are providing such fabulous ideas, websites and tools. It is all happening so quick that I am not fully able to explore, investigate and implement everything properly. So I have started a resource page that I am adding links to all the useful information that you are providing as quickly as I can. This page I can see will be very useful to me in the future when I get more time to review, and use the information as I need it. I can see my blog is going to be an ongoing useful tool for me to use forever if I keep it up to date.

Survey is working!

Hi guys, thanks so much to the four of you that visited my site and tried out my survey. It turns out it takes about 1 minute to get the collated results! As a result of your comments so far I have added some more colour to the header (not 100% happy with the picture-it looks a bit blurry. I also got rid of a few superflous words above the survey link and I will heed the advice of writing a few less words with each entry. So already my survey has provided valuable evaluation! When I have a few more responses (the survey is on the left side at the top of my blog page) I will let you see what the results look like.

Linguistic Diversity

Hi all,

Have you thought about how to make your website appropriate for students with a language other than English as their main language?

I started thinking about the need for us as educators to be ever considerate of the population that is not proficient at the English language. I wondered how I could make my blog translate automatically to other languages. Having this function on the blog provides a fabulous tool for students who have not completely mastered the English language. The lesson could be written in English, but the student could also view it in their main language therefore reinforcing their understanding. Whilst most students do speak english, many parents in Australia have difficulty understanding the English language. Therefore how ideal would it be if we had a facility on our blogsite/the school blogsite to alter the words to another language (useful for school newsletters, messages to parents, homework descriptions that parents may view etc).
Well I stumbled across a fabulous website (Google translate) that gives very easy instructions on how to install a tool that adds translation to the entire webpage, or select pages.

It took me literally 5 minutes to insert this tool into a widget on my blog. The explanation of how to install this tool is less than a page and is easy to follow. You select your preferences for how you want the translation tool to appear, than copy and paste a code into your blog.
Try it out and you to can have a culturally accessable website…